77th FME Meeting, 1st February 2024

The 77th Business Meeting of FME will take place in London (UK), February 1, 2024.

Time and Location

The meeting will be held February 1st, 2024 at 18:00 (GMTI) at the Anatomy Museum, Strand Campus, King’s College London, WC2R 2LS (map).


Online Attendance

For those of you attending online, the Zoom link is
(Alternatively meeting id 696 8551 2775 and passcode 932167.)

Please sign up for the webinar with your real and complete name. The software includes a chat and we will use the chat function for votes and requests to speak.


If you intend to attend in person, you need to register using this link:
Please register by January 17!

Invited talk: Mohammad Mousavi

The meeting will start by an invited talk by Prof. Mohammad Mousavi.

Title: Model learning for evolving systems

Abstract: Model learning is a technique to learn behavioural models by interacting with black-box systems. Variability and evolution are inherent to much of the modern systems and hence, new sorts of model learning techniques are needed to learn about variability-intensive and evolving systems. In this talk, we first present the basic principles of automata learning and then report on novel techniques for learning variability-annotated models as well as efficient learning for evolving systems by identifying the commonalities and differences in the learning process. We conclude with some of our recent results on compositional automata learning.

Author: Einar Broch Johnsen