FM: The Formal Methods Symposia

The Formal Methods Symposia

FME organizes a symposium roughly every 18 months. Each symposium attracts between 125 and 500 attendees, interested in both theoretical aspects of formal methods as well as the practical application of formal methods, from all over the world.

Partnership with Journals

FME has established partnerships with several prestigious formal methods journals. Through these partnerships, the FM symposia will include presentations of papers published in the journals in the program of the FM symposia. These presentations compose a Journal-First Track. A dedicated Track Chair, with the help of a small committee, selects papers from the partnership journals and invite authors to present their work at FM. In this way, FME aims to strenghten the social side of our science, as lively discussion are central to scientific progress.

The partner journals that support the Journal-first track are:


Proceedings of the FME symposia are published by Springer Verlag as part of the LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) series. DBLP maintains an index of all FME symposia.

FME Subgroup

FME has a subgroup dealing with daily matters concerning the symposia and thinking about strategic issues in the longer run.

Former Symposia

The following symposia have been organized in the past or are planned in the (near) future: