CAVlinks is a platform for students and researchers interested in computer-aided verification. The website aims to be an entry point for new students by presenting links to introductory and advanced study material in the areas relevant to CAV (e.g. logics, theoretical CS, and formal methods), by pointing to interesting events (e.g. workshops, student forums, conferences maintained in a public calendar), and by advertising mentoring possibilities.

The CAVlinks website is run by a group of Ph.D. students and postdocs working on formal verification, who also want to use the website to raise awareness on topics such as mental health, diversity, and inclusion. For more advanced students and young researchers, CAVlinks publishes career opportunities in academia (open PhDs, postdocs, and faculty positions) and industry (internships and job postings).

If you have information that might be interesting to users of CAVlinks, please reach out by sending an email. Please also reach out if you are interested in working on this project and increasing its usefulness to the community.

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Author: Einar Broch Johnsen, Carlo A. Furia