SCORE 2011: Student Contest on Software Engineering

SCORE 2011 is the second in a series of SCORE contests and part of the International Conference on Software Engineering. SCORE project topics suitable for software engineering project courses or independent teams are available now on the SCORE website. Teams must register at the SCORE website before they start the project. Participating teams must be composed exclusively of undergraduate and/or master’s level students. A team may have 2 to 7 members; teams of 5 or less are recommended.

Projects may be developed as part of a software engineering course. Also, they can be composed of students from different institutions. Teams will submit full software products, covering the whole software development process. After a careful evaluation carried out by the SCORE Program Committee, finalist teams will be invited to present their projects at ICSE 2011 in Waikiki, where awards will be selected and presented.

FME awards a special prize for outstanding exploitation of formal methods in a SCORE project.

See details on Formal Methods and SCORE.

Author: Bernhard Aichernig