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Call for proposals: FM 2019

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Apr 14th, 2017 • Category: News

Call for Proposals
23th International Symposium on Formal Methods
World Congress Autumn 2019
Formal Methods Europe (FME) is a worldwide association bringing together researchers and practitioners in formal methods for developing computing systems and software. We aim to encourage both research and application by disseminating research findings and industrial experience through symposia and sponsored events.
FME organizes a symposium [...]

FormaliSE 2017 co-located with ICSE in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Dec 6th, 2016 • Category: Lead Story, Sponsored by FME, Uncategorized

FormaliSE 2017, the 5th FME Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering, will be co-located with ICSE, 20–28 May 2017, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
FormaliSE is a yearly workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering. FormaliSE is organized by FME (Formal Methods Europe). FormaliSE 2017 will be organised on 27 May 2017, co-located with ICSE in [...]

Become a Member of FME

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Nov 16th, 2016 • Category: Feature

You can become a member by filling in the membership application form.

FME is a not-for-profit association run by a group of volunteers that form the FME board. We encourage you to become a member and get involved with FME! Currently there is no membership fee.
FME’s aim is to encourage formal methods research and application. We

stimulate [...]

First FME Lucas Award to Dick and Faivre

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Nov 15th, 2016 • Category: News

The FME Lucas Award goes to Jeremy Dick and Alain Faivre for their paper
Automating the generation and sequencing of test cases from model-based specifications
published at the First International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe (FME’93).

The FME Awards Committee motivated its decision as follows:
Dick and Faivre’s paper is a ground-breaking contribution to automation of testing based on [...]

Upcoming FM Conferences

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Nov 13th, 2016 • Category: Feature

Below you find the FME list of upcoming conferences that are related to formal methods:

Conference Name
Abstract Due
Full Paper Due
Conference Date

ABZ 2018
22 Jan 2018
29 Jan 2018
5 March 2018
5-8 June 2018
Southampton, UK

SPIN 2018

3 April 2018
25 Apr 2018
20-22 June 2018
Málaga, Spain

SEFM 2018
2 Mar 2018
9 Mar 2018
9 Apr 2018
25-29 June 2018
Toulouse, France

TAP 2018
23 Feb 2018
2 Mar 2018
9 Apr 2018
27-29 [...]

Sponsoring closed

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Nov 10th, 2016 • Category: Feature

FME is currently not accepting new applications for funding.
Next to its main FM conference series, FME sponsors other events related to formal methods. Typically invited talks are sponsored. Details about sponsorship can be found in our Guide to FME Sponsorship.
(Photo: maistora)

FMICS-AVoCS 2016, Pisa, 26-28 September 2016

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Jun 20th, 2016 • Category: Sponsored by FME

International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems and Automated Verification of Critical Systems (FMICS-AVoCS 2016)
CNR, Pisa, Italy, 26-28 September 2016
In 2016, FMICS and AVoCS join their forces to hold a workshop combining their themes of formal methods and automated verification. For FMICS, this will be the 21st, for AVoCS the 16th edition.
The aim [...]

Report on FormaliSE 2016 Austin

By Einar Broch Johnsen • Jun 9th, 2016 • Category: Sponsored by FME

The 4th edition of FormaliSE was held on Sunday 15 May in Austin (Texas, USA), co-located with ICSE 2016. 13 Participants heard inspiring keynotes by Pamela Zave (AT&T Research) and Don Batory (University of Texas at Austin), mixed with presentations of scientific papers, including discussions. A panel discussion, chaired by Stefania [...]