FME-sponsored JML Spec-a-thon

A JML Spec-a-thon is a gathering of JML researchers and users for intense collaboration on JML development, modeled after other development gatherings such as the OpenBSD Hackathons and the PyPy Sprints.

Our first FME-sponsored Spec-a-thon was a great success. We had nine attendees from the U.S.A. and Europe, we worked hard and long, made T-shirts for the event, got updated on various efforts, a series of short talks were given, a keynote talk by Gary Leavens was given to an open audience, and everyone went home pretty happy.

The 2nd one is taking place in two weeks here in Dublin. See the following website for an update:

Essentially, FME funds have made a very nice contribution to ensuring that the Java verification community continues to move forward. Development of OpenJML, our new core platform, continues apace, experimental projects like an experimental compiler on JastAdd and on the Eclipse JDT broadens our userbase and toolbase, and having this face-to-face time to do tool design and development and specification writing has been a real boon.

Joseph Kiniry (Nov 5, 2009)

Author: Bernhard Aichernig