AI4FM workshop

The AI4FM workshop brings together researchers from formal methods and AI; it addresses the issues of how AI can be used to support the formal software development process, including modelling and proof, and includes a mix of industrial and academic participants and we anticipate attracting a similarly diverse audience.

The AI4FM 2013, is being held in Rennes on July 22nd as part of the ITP conference. FME have sponsored the following students:

  • Zongyan Huang (Applying machine learning to setting time limits on decision procedure calls)
  • Daniela Grijincu (Source Code Matching for reuse of Formal Specifications)
  • Mihai Pitu (Source Code Retrieval using Case Based Reasoning)
  • Mamoun Filali (AI and WCET computation analysis)

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Author: Bernhard Aichernig